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Solid 24K Yellow Gold Mens Nugget Earrings, All Sizes (Small, Medium, Large)


 The Symbolism of the Gold Rush in the Palm of Your Hands

Throughout the 1990s, men’s nugget jewelry was splattered across every fashion magazine. And, it’s little wonder why it caught the attention of so many. Gold nuggets are powerful symbols associated with grit and determination. This is borne from their association with the spirit and culture of the Gold Rush. They also boast interesting shapes which lend themselves well to earrings and other accessories. Though the nugget jewelry trend has diminished, more contemporary takes on the design have sparked a renaissance in recent years. An example of this modern perspective can be seen in these 24K yellow gold men’s nugget earrings. Instead of a simple circle, these accessories showcase an organic, dripping design that better emulates the facets of a real gold nugget. Available in three different sizes, there’s a pair of these stunning earrings for every man.

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