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Layaway payment plans

We gladly offer payment plans with as little as 20% down. To purchase an item on a payment plan, simply click the “pay deposit” button next to the item you wish to reserve.

Reserve an item today for just 20% down

See an item in our shop that you love but would like some extra time to pay? Place the item on layaway for up to six months to reserve it today! After a down payment is received, we hold it for you for up to six months while you pay off the balance.

Pay at your leisure

Payments are due once per month, but you can log in and make extra or early payments whenever you’d like.

No fees or interest

There are no fees or interest charges associated with our payment plans. We provide layaway plans as a free service to our customers.

Never lose your money

Unable to make your monthly payment on time, or you no longer wish to finish paying off the item? No problem! Any layaway payments made instantly turn into store credit that never expires, so you’ll never lose the funds you’ve paid towards an item.

Full list of terms of payment plan

– Layaway plans are started with a minimum of a 20% down payment

– Monthly payments are due beginning one month after the down payment

– A maximum of six monthly payments are allowed (so essentially, it allows up to seven months if you include the down payment)

– The item can be paid off early at any time (the item is shipped after the final payment is made)

– If a payment is missed, any funds paid towards item turns into store credit which can be used at any point in the future for any purchase (there are no cash refunds for any payments made towards a layaway item)

– If a payment is missed and a significant amount of time has passed (typically 10 or more days), the item on layaway is placed back on the market for sale

– There are no finance charges, late fees, or any other fees associated with layaway plans

– Each layaway payment must have the same shipping address (if any payments are made that do not match the address given on the down payment, it is refunded)

Other questions?

If you have any other questions about our layaway payment plans, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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