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7 Essential Men’s Jewelry Pieces Worth the Investment

When it comes to jewelry, women have ample options. Many men, however, struggle to balance traditional ideas of masculinity with feelings of being tacky or overdressed. Unlike ladies, they’re rarely taught what piece of jewelry goes with what and which piece fits which occasion. But these things shouldn’t stop you from dipping your toe into the men’s jewelry pool.

This is because a well-dressed man isn’t afraid to experiment–even if it’s just with a couple of pieces. Even the tiniest touch of gold or silver does wonder to convey a sense of personality. If you’d like a fast pass to the world of the fashionable and trendy, you’ll want to start by buying one of the following items.

Must-Have Pieces of Men’s Jewelry

Stunning Necklace

While some say the professionalism and heavy chains don’t mix, there’s nothing that says they have to look tacky. If worn right, even bulky chains can add a sense of class. In most cases, however, we think men new to jewelry should opt for something simpler. This staple piece can then be spruced up with a pair of dog tags or a religious pendant. For a manly look, consider stacking individual necklaces. This produces something chic that pairs with almost anything, including a tailored suit or worn leather jacket.

A Simple, Subdued Bracelet – Must have a jewelry piece

Though once seen as feminine, men’s bracelets are gaining traction in the fashion community. This is due, in part, to their ability to accentuate the curves of a well-toned wrist or bicep Popular choices include beaded bracelets, braided bangles, and chains made from gold or platinum. These are often stacked to convey a sense of ruggedness or masculinity. We find this men’s jewelry essential is better suited for the summer months and tank top weather.

A Stylish Watch Fit For James Bond

Video may have killed the radio star, but smartphones haven’t destroyed the watch industry. And, to this day, they remain a popular men’s gift item. This is because, unlike your Otterbox, watches are seen as a sign of sophistication. Like rings, there’s an almost endless variety of watches out there. Some men like an eco-friendly wood watch with simple styling. Others enjoy the look of stainless steel against a black face. A certain class of men, meanwhile, enjoy the look and feel of the Rolex. Whether you’re after a simple timepiece or a classy brand name item, your watch will say a lot about you.

An Attention-Grabbing Pair of Earrings

Look back at any old pirate novel, and you’ll see a captain sporting a pair of hoops. Though they’re not as popular as they were in the buccaneer days, men’s earrings are starting to make a comeback. And, unlike in the 90s, they’re available in more than white and yellow gold. Most fashion experts recommend men stick to simple things like studs and smaller hoops. For a more rebellious look, consider playing with asynchronicity. Put a nice gold nugget earring in one ear and leave the other blank. Alternatively, opt for three or four piercings and arrange the earrings in a different order.

A Ring Beside a Wedding Band

Still associated with marriage, rings have long been an essential men’s jewelry item. But that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting. Once the domain of rappers and gangsters, signet and cigar rings are becoming more mainstream. While typically plain, a trip to the engraver’s can add some much-needed personalization to these classic items. Then, of course, there are classic men’s items like horseshoes and eagle rings. We suggest starting with a simple, timeless sterling silver band. Building from there is child’s play. Just make sure not to wear something on your wedding finger that steals the show.

The Perfect Cufflinks to Finish Off Your Evening Wear

Imagine trying to act excited about your 150th tie. For many men, that’s a tall order. This is why we suggest mixing things up with a nice cufflink instead. True statement-makers, these classic men’s jewelry items bring a sense of personality to a tailored suit. And, even the fanciest ones keep your cuffs in place. Since they’re small, you can experiment with little risk to your fashionability. Try something polished or carved into a unique shape. If you’re looking for something black tie, however, you’ll want a flat metal pair in silver, gold, or platinum.

A Showstopping Tie Pin

Reserved for white-collar workers, a tie clip is a practical item. Its use in office settings often limits its design to something minimal. Plain metals abound and patterns are relatively rare, though engraving and customization are options. When it comes to this men’s jewelry essential, there’s no reason to shop around too much. Just choose something plain that matches whatever jewelry’s in your closet. Be sure not to buy a pin that overhangs your tie, however. It gives the wrong impression.

When It Comes to Men’s Jewelry, Your Mind’s the Limit

There are a lot of “rules” about what men are allowed to wear and when. But, we don’t buy into that. If a guy can pull it off–or likes it–there’s no reason not to add it to your wardrobe. If you want to rock a teddy bear charm or pair of artisanal rose earrings, do it!

At Jahda we believe jewelry is a tool of self-expression. It tells people who you are and who you want to be. If one of our nugget rings helps you do that, we invite you to shop with us. And, if you don’t, just make sure the pieces you buy are made by a quality jeweler with a track record of customer satisfaction. A box our Google reviews will show we check.

To check out our full catalog of men’s jewelry, click here.

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