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How to Make Your Own Bracelets

Creating bracelets is fun. If this is your hobby, then its time to make it more interesting.

Here are some bracelet making and maintaining tips:

  • Decide how many links you want to use in making your bracelet. Although it is easy both to add and remove the links even after you make your bracelet its better if you plan in advance.
    • Below are given the general guidelines in making bracelets.
    • For children bracelets generally 10 links are sufficient
      For adult bracelets you may require 14-18 links.
  • Select your charms
  • We recommend you use high quality stainless steel, as the day-to-day use does not rust it out.
  • By changing the rings you can change the style of your bracelet very easily.
  • In making a beaded bracelet, choose beads first. Beads can be of varying sizes, as it looks attractive.
  • Choose findings for your bracelet. You will need a clasp and two bead tips. The bead tips are used to secure the ends of your bracelet so that the clasp can be attached.
  • Layout the beads on a piece of clothe and then knot them.
  • Measure your wrist or ankle size so that you can customize your bracelet.
  • Always make sure you remove your bracelet while washing clothes, bathing and swimming.

Although making bracelets is very easy, the bracelets made by professionals look great and in case you want to make them yourselves beware it requires lot of raw materials and heck lot of time on your part.

Making friendship bracelets can be done at home by using the tips provided here.But in case you want to wear bracelets for show then very beautiful and charming bracelets are available.

Italian charm bracelets have become very famous and for good reason.

They not only look beautiful but also are very elegant.

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